Sunday, September 7, 2014

Another Miracle for Michalla

Over the weekend there was a neighborhood yard sale fundraiser to raise money for Michalla's medical bills. Our sweetheart neighbor Mary Lynn Boren and her family headed it up.  We had no idea how successful it would be. The amount of community support was amazing.  We had channel 4 news come yesterday and today right after church we had KSL news show up at our house. 
We had been home from church for 10 minutes and Mary Lynn came over and said the news crew was on their way to interview me.  We had no time to clean the house or "get pretty" for the camera.  They filmed my messy kitchen and my tear streaked face.  It was already a tear filled day.  I had been fasting all day, which always makes me more emotional.  I also bore my testimony (tears) and right after me Logan bore his testimony (more tears).  He did such an awesome job and it was such a treat for a mother. He is turning into such a fine young man.  I love him so much. Anyway, I came home from church with a face that had been crying all day to a lady filming me for the news.
It didn't really matter anyway since I pretty much cried through the whole interview anyway. haha.  Oh well.  With any luck I will end up on the cutting room floor just like Faith did yesterday.

 Mary Lynn and Faith being interviewed.  Faith was super shy but it didn't matter.  They didn't make the air anyway.  The clip was only like 15 seconds long.
Just one week ago, Mary Lynn had so few donations that  she thought at best case we would raise a couple hundred dollars. Less than one week later and the result is thousands of dollars raised.  Mary Lynn hasn't given us a check yet as she wants it to be a surprise but it far exceeded our expectations.  Another miracle happened in the course of a week.  The miracle came in the form of Christ Like people from near and far that showered on the love once again. 
Loading up the truck to donate the items that didn't sell to charity. 
As I stepped back and looked at the dozens of people of this neighborhood working so hard at the end of an exhausting day and giving up one of the last sunny Saturdays of the year that they could have spent with their own families but instead were spending it with me and my family, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love. I know I say it all the time but PEOPLE ARE SO GOOD!  You all inspire me to want to be a better person, to serve and love more.
Thank you all again.

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