Thursday, July 3, 2014

Feelin' the PG love!

I met with the owners of Alisha's cupcakes and Firebird pizza this afternoon.  They presented checks to me from their stores as well as Angie's Cravings.  I am in shock at the generosity of these store owners as well as the community.  All three stores donated 10% of their sales for a week plus there were donation jars set out for people to donate to.  I don't know what to say other than Thank you.  Words just don't seem sufficient to express how grateful (AND LOVED) I feel.  Like I expressed to them, I have shed a lot of tears over the last couple of weeks.  The silver lining is that while many of them have been over sadness, I have also shed many tears just from the love and kindness I have felt from so many of you in this community.

For example, when I was at UCCU depositing the checks this afternoon a woman I have never met came up to me with as I was leaving and gave me a hug and said she was sorry about my loss.  She said she was at a Young Single Adult activity and they showed Michalla's 'I am a Mormon' video and ate Alisha's cupcakes (to support the donations).  She wanted to tell me how much Michalla's life touched and influenced people for good. 

It made me feel so warm inside.  While it is hard to think about Michalla several times a day, it is also very healing to know that she didn't suffer in vain and that she touched so many people.

Thank you for the texts and messages of concern on Michalla's birthday.  Thanks to family and friends, it was a hard but very good day.  (Pictures coming later) It was nice to celebrate Michalla's life in happiness and smiles.

Love to you all. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Here are some birthday pictures of Michalla over the last few years.  Michalla LOVED her birthdays.  It was her favorite day of the year.  I spent a lot of the day crying yesterday and cried myself to sleep last night ...BUT today I am determined to celebrate! The sun is shining and it is going to be a good day! The Spanish Exchange Student teacher just showed up at the door with a card from David and Adrian and family in Spain.  What a nice birthday Surprise. We are having cake and ice cream and Mexican food (of course). Megan is coming down and friends are coming over to celebrate!  Happy Birthday Michalla. We love you.
20TH Birthday (Thanks Wendy and West for the decorations.)

14th Birthday Michalla loved to go to the temple and do baptisms right on her bday.

16th Birthday

9th Birthday

17th Birthday
14th Birthday


12th Birthday--Doing baptisms for the dead.

17th Birthday

17th Birthday. Michalla loves TGIFriday'sJack Daniel Chicken.

16th Birthday.  Michalla's favorite all time food is Mexican.

18th birthday.

13th Birthday

12th Birthday

Day Michalla was born 
1st Birthday
2nd Birthday
2nd Birthday
3rd Birthday.
Michalla hated us singing happy birthday to her.
5th Birthday

 4th birthday
5th Birthday Love that smile.